Thursday, 16 December 2010


Evaluation Questions

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
My media is very much been set up to be like a typical R+B video which include certain aspects of media such as cinematography editing and mise en scene. Once i had all the filming finished, editing was important for me as i used it to change the effect between each scene for example, 'fading out' by doing this i had to do it so it would fit intime with the beat of the music. Another important convention for the video was mise en scene "props etc", In this it was important to make it as effective to a real R+B video, therefore we used flashy cars, girls dancing, and the gangster look/theme. By having these in the video it makes it more glamorous and realistic. Cinematography played a huge role as the type of different shots used such as 'close-ups', this is a key shot to use because it shows whos in control in the video and who are the main people, Also shows the expressions and reactions of the people involved. Panning shots are also used to follow a certain person in the video. The shots we chose to film the actors in the video relate to what the song is saying for example the lyrics say "Bootie Music", so thereofore we had an actor shaking their "Bootie" in small clips. During R+B videos sex appeal was used to create a more sexy, confident look to both females and males.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancilliary texts?

The main product being my music video and the ancilliary tasks were very effective as they both include everything that the audience will want to see in a R+B music video, The Git fresh digi-pak and magazine advert.
The combination of the ancilliary texts are the main role in marketing the product. My magazine advert works well as it includes everything that would sell the product at its highest standard therefore if it included  picture of the product/people in the group, a bold title to show off their name. Also promoting the song on a world wide company such as i-tunes helps branding/selling the product/song.
Also in the digi-pak and magazine advert i used screen grabs from the viedo to link all the ancilliary tasks together.

What have you learnt from your feedback?

By getting other groups opinions and answering questions about my music video i got a range of different feedback such as 'why it was good', ' what needed to be better', and 'why it worked well'. The one thing i have learnt from my feedback is that i definatly used the right conventions as my feedback says 'good use of a party scene, girls in the video, the cars that are used, by doing this i have made it like a typical R+B music video. The relationships between lyrics/sound and visual worked well and was very effective although some comments were made about the actual lip syncing due to the change of video and the lack of time to prepare.  Another question that was answered was 'strategies to engage the audience', my feedback from this worked really well as everyone in the feedback was saying how are change of location and how its the same as a typical music video keeps the viewers intrested. overall looking at my feedback i can tell that the video worked well to its typical conventions, and that everything worked well together but at the same time if i had more time i would of planned it ro a higher standard so therefore the small slip ups such as lip syncing wouldnt of happened.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?

Throughout all of the ancilliary tasks and the music video i used a variety of new technology such as 'Blogs, internet, photoshop, final cut express,

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Evaluation Questions

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions?

My music video does use some conventions from real R'N'B music videos, for example in most typical R'N'B videos they will have a lot of effects, for example fading in and out of different shots. We put in a different effect/transition every time the scene changed or whenever it seemed right with the music, I tried to cut this so it matched the musics beat. Another typical convention would be to have big flashy props in the scenes (big chains/ nice cars) obviously I had to be realistic but throughout the filming the use of cars being in the background helped show this 'glamorous lifestyle' and made it more obvious. The camerawork in most R'N'B videos is quite quick and snappy, but with the main focus on the artist. I tried maintaining this, so most shots are focused around the artist, even though there are extra clips added in. By using short, quick clips it makes the video more interesting and not boring. Normally you would find the picture or what is happening on the screen relates to the lyrics, for example if an artist had the word 'car' or 'chain' in the lyric, you would see this on the screen. This is used frequently in my video because the song is about 'booty's' so throughout the video there are snippets of this. This could also be sex appeal, which you also see a lot of in R'N'B videos, this helps attract male attention. 

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?
All three products which were made all together become quite effective as by using similar color schemes they all relate to each other and by using screen grabs from the video itself it makes the product work better together. On both the digi-pak and magazine advert, we thought by going plain and simple this would be best. I think this makes the products more effective as people don't tend to like too much detail and information. We made the music video and then the digi-pak and magazine advert were made to fit around this. The digi-pak has all the necessary items on, for example the track list, extra bonus features and the website link etc. This is well-presented in four marked out areas on the back of the pak. By making a magazine advert for the promotion of the single, the created article was made to help promote, by being plain and simple with one main picture of the group in the middle and then big main writing, I tried focusing more on the important information so that there wouldn't be any in-useful bits of data, which weren't needed.

3. What have you learnt from your feedback?

Feedback is a good way of evaluation and helping with positive and negative points on your final product. This helps you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and you know how to improve next time. I got some good and helpful feedback from the music video. This is some of the feedback I received, 'good use of party scene with girls and use of appropriate conventions.' This is good as I now know that the video has the right conventions for the genre. 'Lip syncing out of sync,' this was probably the most common piece of feedback which we got. This was a major problem whilst filming and this would be something we looked at in the future. We were told that the editing techniques between the different scenes were really good and kept and kept it interesting, this is good because our main focus was on the editing and making it the best we could. 

4. How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? 

Throughout all the tasks I used a variety of new technology, for example software like photo shop and final cut express. The internet was probably the most used and popular new technology that we used, as this helped us with all our research and planning. This helped us get ideas, and watch other music videos of the same genre, so we could notice the conventions.

Monday, 6 December 2010

evaluation questions

Evaluation Questions

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Our media product has forms of a real media products by challenging other R+B music videos as it contains many typically aspects of a R+B music video such as, Cars, Girls, Dancing, which is included in our music video.

I think that the use of the typical aspects included in the Mise En Scene helps set the scene of the music video, the cars were used to set a R+B setting and the car lights were used to make an effect on the video its self instead of adding this in the Editing process of the music video. The Mise En Scene also includes the backgrounds, which were made by the group because access to the green room was limited, the backgrounds were used for the lip-syncing to take place in front of, we got this idea as it was similar to Git Fresh - She Be Like (Bom, Bom, Bom) which is an R+B music video so this shows the conventions of real media products. 
The use of camera work, develops conventions of the real media products as the music video contains, close ups of the artists this is typical in a R+B music video because they are trying to sell the artist, so by using the close ups people will begin to recognise the artists, this is used especially when its their first couple of music videos. The start of the music video we see the car drive in, we use a mid shot for this so we can get the whole car in but still use the detail of the car, to make the audience interested in the music video.
The use of editing in my music video is typical of the R+B genre as we changed some of the footage to black and white, which gives an effect and keeps the audience more interested. On top of the black and white footage we added a glow affect which catches the light and makes it look shiny; this adds more interest as 'bling' is normally shown in an R+B music video as the colour is normally brighter and more eye catching. We also used a lot of video transitions, which is very typical of an R+B music video as its all about catching the audiences’ eyes.
The Digi Pack develops the conventions real media products as it contains information and extra features which people would look for in the Digi Pack, as it is to promote the band and they would expect extra features. The image of the Digi Pack is made up of a screen captions from the music video which we put into black and white, which contains the Mise En Scene and a main coloured picture was placed in the middle of the front cover this plus the white text attracts the audience, this challenges the other real media products as it competes with the target audience.
The magazine advert also develops real media products as it is marketing not only the Digi Pack but also the artist.  We used a simple design to challenge other R+B magazine adverts so we stuck with a basic picture of the 3 artists which was a screen caption from the music video. The screen caption formed a border on where the screen caption was, this was a aqua colour, which gave the magazine advert a more interesting look, and added some more colour to the Magazine Advert. The text used was white and red, we used red and it is quite a strong colour and it links with the theme through out the, Digi Pack, the magazine advert and the music video.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
I think it is affective as it contains the information that the target audience would want, and the ancillary texts link to the music video and the ancillary texts market this product to sell the product to the audience.  I marketed the music video by making a Digi Pack which contains albums, songs, the music video, extra features to persuade the audience to buy the Digi Pack, we then had to market the Digi Pack by making a magazine advert, I decided by keeping it simple it would be more likely to attract the audience that would buy the Digi Pack.

By combining the main product and ancillary texts they work together in selling both the music and artists. Having a music video makes the music more interesting and helps the artist get noticed.

The main product and ancillary have an effective combination as I linked them together as each task links to the music video slightly. How they link, is through screen captions both used for the Magazine Advert and Digi Pack and also the use of colours such as red and black, which is one of the backgrounds from the music video. By using screen captions it will help them recognise the artists a lot more.

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
 The genre conventions kept and interacted with the right audience because it’s R+B genre. By changing our location it kept the audience more interested by switching from lip-syncing to party scenes.
From the audience feedback I have also learnt that we should have focused more on the lip-syncing as it was out of time - this could have been resolved if we had planned our filming time a little bit more, we may have been able to concentrate on the lip-syncing.
"Use of appropriate conventions, party scene, cars, dancing" we obviously wanted to show this as this is what would be typical of a R+B genre and attract the right audience for the R+B music video so we learnt what the audience wanted to see in a R+B music video and obviously succeeded in this.
"matching the scene of the girl to the lyrics was a good idea and was effective as change of scene" I wanted to use different effects to change the scene as in R+B music videos they use different transitions and make the editing the focus of the music video.

How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
The internet is used continually through out the music video coursework, it helps with the research mostly, but also the blogging of the planning, evaluation and the construction stages of the coursework. The research would be very hard to carry out as it is easy to access at anytime and takes less time to complete the research. The internet was used for finding most of the sources, store the pictures and write on the blog.

I used many types of new media technologies HD camera in the filming stages to capture the footage which was going to be used for the music video. I am also going to be using a HD camera for the evaluation stage as well, which will have footage of my group talking about our music video and ancillary tasks.

I also used a stills camera to take photos of behind the scenes and also to take photos for my Digi Pack and Magazine Advert.
I used Final Cut Express to edit and order the footage; I had collected in the HD camera. By using this programme I was able to, add texts, effects and lip syncing the music to the footage. By capturing the footage to final cut, I could begin editing the footage by using certain setting on the programme such as using the cutting tool to cut footage so I was able to move it and link it to other footage.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Feedback for video

use of appropriate conventions

good use of party scene with girls
use of appropriate conventions, party scene, cars, dancing
party stuff,bum shot, cars.

relationship between lyrics/sound/visuals
matching the scene of the girl to the lyrics was a good idea and was effective as change of scene
lip syncing out of sync
lip syncing not working alot of the time, some times clips obviously repeated

Representation of the artist
artist represented as stereotypical RnB group, by having cars/girls/party shown in video
has typical RnB look and style of clothes etc.

Strategies to engage audience
changing location and people in the shots are a good way of engaging audience

Effectiveness of cinematography/editing/mise en scene

the editing techniques of effects between the different scenes are really good and keep it interesting
back drop on single singer looks good.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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We thought that we would stick with a simple advertisement and focus more on the picture of the artists, which is why we have only stuck to a few colours.

Digi Pack


This is our Digi Pack it includes extra features such as music videos and interviews of the artists.
We decided on this type of design as it reflects our background. By using a bright picture in the middle of the front cover it will attract the attended audience. We used screen captions and changed them into black and white to boarder the Digi Pack to make it look less plain and more attractive.